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Welcome, Applicant!

Thank you for your interest in applying for membership to the Freelance Writers' Guild of the Philippines (FWGP).

Please prepare the following before proceeding with filling out this application form:
▪️ One (1) digital copy of goverment-issued ID
▪️ At least one (1) writing sample in English or Tagalog (digital file or link)

For more information, you may read the frequently asked questions.

Privacy Disclaimer

All data and information you will provide us in this application form will be treated as private and confidential. The Organizational Development (OD) Committee and the Officers of FWGP will ensure the security of the data that you submitted to the Guild.

We will use the information you provided for membership purposes only. We will keep the data until your membership renewal. Only authorized members of the committee will have access to your files. Otherwise, your permission will be sought should the need for disclosure or other use of your information arise.

You may view FWGP's Privacy Policy here.


We envision a productive, competitive, justly-compensated community of freelance writers.


Preserve and promote the rights of Filipino freelance writers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Freelance Writers’ Guild of the Philippines (FWGP) is a workers’ association that is registered with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). The guild champions freelance writers’ causes, such as fair, decent, and timely renumeration, mutually beneficial contracts, social protection (mandatory benefits and government assistance) and ease in doing business (registration, taxation and benefits), safe and healthy working conditions, non-discrimination, press freedom, cybercrime and libel, among others.

FWGP was registered with DOLE and became a legal entity through DOLE NCR-Makati and Pasay City on January 8, 2020. Its Registration Certificate Number is NCR-MPPO-WA-2020-01-01.

Freelance Writers! 

You can be certified by FWGP as one if you…

  • are self-employed
  • have been doing paid freelance writing work in the last 3 consecutive years
  • have been doing project-based writing work over the last 3 consecutive years
  • have been doing paid freelance writing work along with formal employment in writing or non-media-related fields over the last 3 consecutive years
  • Members may come from print, electronic, online/digital fields, radio, film, television
    • freelance researchers, translators, indexers, scriptwriters, editors
    • bloggers, SEO writers, technical writers, documenters
    • news and features writers, columnists, magazine writers, catalogue description writers
    • co-grant writers, non-profit writers, ghostwriters, speechwriters, business plan writers
    • literary writers, press release writers, e-book writers, legal writers, instructional and textbook writers, creative/literary writers, et al

To become a full-fledged member, submit the completed documentary requirements of the Guild:

  • Fill out the membership application form
  • Submit a photo of a government-issued ID
  • Links to or scanned copies of at least one (1) article or other work samples

Yes, you may apply to become an FWGP member.

The FWGP Organization Development (OD) Committee and members of the Executive Committee.

FWGP reviews applications every quarter and releases names of new members on March, June, September, and December.

For the current batch of applications, you will receive an official email from FWGP in December 2022 (exact date to be announced), when  the new members of FWGP are announced.

Once a writer is accepted as a member, s/he is requested to pay the membership fee of PhP1,000 per year within a week after the announcement of new members.

Membership in FWGP is renewable on an annual or three-year basis.

  • In-house trainings, learning sessions and mentoring opportunities; scholarships, whenever available
  • Guidelines ffor building a member’s profile; marketing/publicity for a member’s content
  • Access to writing opportunities
  • Accounting and legal services (i.e., taxes, contracts and copyright matters)
  • Benefits (i.e., insurance, investments, health & wellness programs)
  • Participation in members’ advocacies

Most of these benefits are still being developed. From June 2020 to May 2021, the Guild’s target was to provide in-house learning session, set-up the FWGP Tax Assistance desk, and open the participation platform for members’ advocacies.

As a member of the FWGP, you are encouraged to actively participate in the Guild’s events, activities and tasks through the various committees. Members may join a committee (at least one; at most, two), and do volunteer work for the committee(s) you have chosen.

Listed below are the committees within the Guild:

  • Organization Development Committee
  • Professional Standards Committee
  • Capacity Building Committee
  • Media and Communications Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Advocacy and External Relations Committee

Watch the video of the Virtual Kumustahan from FWGP’s orientation program in 2020. 

You can also send us a message at

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