This project has been on my To Do List for quite some time, but it needed a pandemic for me to finally launch it. So, welcome to my weekly explainer on freelance writing. This is the first entry posted on “The Freelance Writing Explainer” on Facebook.

The posts will be short, straightforward, and informative. I will try to post videos as well. This weekly effort is part of my advocacy to help uplift the freelance writing industry, offer guidance for younger writers, and share opinions (mine and other people’s) about issues related to this work that we do.

People call me Aimee or Ime (both are acceptable) and I have been freelance writing on and off, for about two decades now. I started the Freelance Writers Guild of the Philippines (FWGP) in 2011. Presently, I am a ‘full-time’ freelance writer, editor, and mentor.

I am aware that many freelance writers are having a hard time looking for work now. I have communicated with many of them. FWGP is trying to get cash aid from the government (DOLE, NCCA) but, so far, nothing. I hope to be able to offer some ideas, a little hope during this time. I know this is important. One writer I talked to said to me: “It is enough to know that someone cares, that we are not alone in this.”

If the industry or niche that you were in was hit (transportation, hospitality, travel, restaurant business, etc.), try looking for other industries that are booming right now: education technology, mental wellness, online therapy and online medical consultations, shipping and delivery, logistics companies, at-home fitness, remote work software or technology companies, etc. Many of their online channels are looking for fresh content at this time.

Try visiting They claim to be the “ultimate, comprehensive, and exhaustive list of Remote Work Opportunities and work-from-home jobs at a single platform”. I haven’t explored it thoroughly, but you could check it out.

You can also give a video tutorial or short workshop on any subject that you are passionate about (even if it’s not related to writing) and offer it online for a small fee, or on a donation basis. The FWGP Facebook Page is opening its space for writers in need who may want to promote their online classes.

Here is an enumeration of some of the best sites you can visit to find remote work online. Try to check the following one by one:


Finally, I would like to reiterate the call on organizations, employers, clients, and even individuals who can afford to share a little with us. We have a list of at least 150 freelance writers who have expressed their request for cash aid due to the effects of the ECQ. (Note: Financial assistance were released to freelance writers in May 2020)

Published on April 21, 2020

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